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April 10, 2011 / Jasmine Lee

Lindy’s Photoshoot

I had the opportunity to shoot my friend during our one hour lunch break. We went to the St. Mary’s park near Chinatown to shoot. Despite the cold weather and winds, Lindy was such a trooper and made it through the shoot effortlessly! She is just a natural in front of the camera. She was always smiling, having fun, and took directions really well. One of the cool things about this shoot was that Lindy MADE her dress by hand! She’s super talented!

It was a lot of fun shooting this bride-to-be. Congratulations, Lindy!

These photos were taken with my Canon 5dmkii, and 70-200L II lens. All natural lighting.



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  1. Danny / Apr 10 2011 6:48 PM

    Very awesome set!

    • Jasmine Lee / Apr 10 2011 8:41 PM

      Thanks Danny!

  2. Howie / Apr 10 2011 7:20 PM

    Great portraits.. such fun shots. The tie in the back of the dress is a nice touch; props to your friend Lindy. The park doesn’t seem local through your eyes. Nice!

    • Jasmine Lee / Apr 10 2011 8:42 PM

      Thanks Howie 🙂

  3. Pam / Apr 10 2011 10:22 PM

    Wow, you did all that in one hour?? Awesome, as usual! 🙂

    • Jasmine Lee / Apr 10 2011 11:19 PM

      Yep. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Kelven Ng / Apr 11 2011 12:00 AM

    Great set of photos Jasmine! It really shows that you both had a ton of fun. I especially like the little chicken lol. It contrasts well against her black dress, that’s for sure. Did you use your 70-200?

    • Jasmine Lee / Apr 11 2011 9:36 AM

      Yes, I only used the 70-200 since it was too hard to carry all my lenses. These are all done with natural light. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      • Howie / Apr 11 2011 11:58 AM

        Wow. Natural light too! That’s beautiful.

      • Jasmine Lee / Apr 11 2011 12:30 PM


  5. Jonathan / Apr 11 2011 10:17 AM

    Look at this! Jasmine does portraits! Great, fun set of images you put together for your friend here. I can tell she was relaxed and comfortable with her photographer. Oh, and the 70-200… a killer choice for a shoot like this. Like you, I’m sure I could be more than happy using it as my only lens on an engagement shoot. Well done!

    • Jasmine Lee / Apr 11 2011 12:34 PM

      Thanks, Jonathan! Oh my goodness…. the 70-200 is just a dream lens! I know this lens will be my primary portrait lens from now on. Super sharp, and fast. Colors are just amazing…. Thanks for stopping by!!

      • Jonathan / Apr 18 2011 4:47 PM

        Hey Jas, hope you got my response to your flickrmail. Cheers!

  6. Jan Muff / Apr 11 2011 9:15 PM

    Hi Jasmine,
    I am Lindy’s future Mother In-Law! I love, love, love these photos of Lindy. Isn’t she fantastic?! Would you be willing to sell some of these photos to me? Let me know if they are for sale and how much you charge for various sizes. Thanks so much! You are very talented!!
    Lindy can give you my contact info…thanks!

    • Jasmine Lee / Apr 12 2011 4:51 PM

      Hi Mrs. Muff! I will send you an email :). Thank you for visiting my blog!!

  7. Dmitri Fomin / Apr 12 2011 3:54 PM

    These came out so nice Jasmine! I love a lot of different angles and compositions. The creamy bokeh is excellent in close portraits. I especially like the one with the newspaper (b&w), and the little chick.

    • Jasmine Lee / Apr 12 2011 4:51 PM

      Thank you Dmitri!!! 🙂

  8. Erika / Apr 27 2011 10:57 AM

    Jasmine! Great session! such great emotion and i love all the whimsical elements. my favorites are the ones with the umbrella. ^.^

    • Jasmine Lee / Apr 27 2011 3:49 PM

      Thanks Erika! So good to see you stop by :)…

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