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August 17, 2011 / Jasmine Lee

Travis Air Force Base Air Expo 2011 … PART II

This blog is a continuation from my U.S. Air Force Media Flight – Travis Air Force Base … PART I blog posted on August 7th. And by the way, I am seriously still amazed that my post made it to Freshly Press last Friday. I am so grateful for all of you that have passed by my blog to read, look at my photos, comment, subscribe, and “like” my post. Thank you all so much!

After going on one of the most amazing opportunities of my life shooting aerial refueling of the USAF Thunderbirds, which was also my FIRST time shooting any type of aviation, I had to come back on the weekend to take more photos of airplanes. I guess I couldn’t get enough of it! I made my way back to Travis AFB from San Francisco. This time, the lot was filled with a ton of people and cars. I knew this was going to be a spectacular show.

Once entering the grounds, you were checked by the Air Force. I was lucky enough to have that special media pass because I was able bypass the long line getting in and getting checked :D.

I honestly couldn’t believe how windy it was at Travis. 30 MPH winds were gusting through the booths and flags, not to mention my hair was blowing all over my face!!! It was rough battling the crazy wind 😦

Doesn’t this remind you of a shark’s mouth?

A view overlooking the people entering the grounds.

Before the air show started, we were entertained by the amazing and super talented Chicago Honey Bear Dancers. I loved the way they danced. I believe they were dancing mostly lyrical. Extremely graceful ladies :). Check out their flexibility!

Then the opening ceremony began.

The air show began with many small airplanes doing acrobatics in the air. I was amazed by how many twists and turns they can do in the air!

The plane below was trying to cut the ribbon by flying upside down.  The photo below was one of the first attempts. (Failed).

Then, the ribbon was cut in this photo! Yay!!! Check out how close the airplane is to the people and ground!

Wow, I’ve never seen this before!!

By noon time, I couldn’t handle the gusty winds any longer. I have an allergic reaction to the cold weather and my skin starts to break out in hives. I’m pretty lame but I had to walk back to my car to warm up again. While walking out, the lines to get in were even longer!

Once I warmed back up in my car, I made my way back to the media platform and took more shots of the planes doing acrobats. The photo below is a female pilot named Julie Clark. I love the pink and purple smoke coming from her plane.

Julie Clark’s show ended with some pretty cool fireworks. I’ve never seen fireworks during mid-day! Have you? 🙂

The air show also had a military dog demonstration. It was quite entertaining and shocking to watch these vicious/cute dogs… Take a look for yourself :).

Are you saying… “OMG!” yet?!?! I know I am…. OMG!!!!

I couldn’t believe how well trained those dogs were. Wow…

Next up, we had the USAFA Wings of Blue do parachute team demonstrations.

Next up, the Thunderbirds!!!! Yay!!! Don’t they look hot?! 😀

While shooting the Thunderbirds, (actually shooting any subject), I always tend to look for the best, compelling composition. To me, I love being able to compose my images of the Thunderbirds coming from a corner going diagonal into my photo. This caused my body to do a bunch of twisting and turning to GET that particular look I was aiming for. I must have looked silly being up on the media stage, but I honestly think any photographer would go above and beyond to “get the shot.” 🙂

I love how the four Thunderbirds are in the background.

Wow, kudos to the pilot that did the swirls here. I’d probably be throwing up being in that plane!

This experience and opportunity is one that I will NEVER forget. I had a blast shooting the airplanes… You just never know what results you are going to get.

Thanks for taking a look and I hope you enjoyed Part II of the Thunderbirds. This sadly concludes my Thunderbirds/airplane posts but hopefully I will have more in the future!

Until next time…. a wedding blog will be out soon! Stayed tuned!

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  1. Marc / Aug 18 2011 12:42 AM

    Wow awesome show and awesome picture’s… especially the one that touching the tales..great work

  2. Glen / Aug 18 2011 10:22 AM

    Another super series of excellent shots Jas!! Wonderful work on this show. Didn’t realize this was a new set, thought it was the one from before!!! duh!! Anyhoo, found allergy #2!!

    • Jasmine Lee / Aug 19 2011 10:58 PM

      Haha, I’m assuming the first allergy are spider bites? ;p

  3. Jonathan / Aug 18 2011 4:09 PM

    Woo! What an awesome series. I especially love the photos of the jets in action. Definitely should print large on one of those!

  4. Luwizé / Aug 19 2011 8:59 PM

    Definitely super duper ! But I don’t really think those dog is going to be cute if they weren’t wearing the gloves . 🙂 Cheers Nice Photos !

  5. Jasmine Lee / Aug 19 2011 10:58 PM

    Thank you everyone!!

  6. ORPO1 / Aug 24 2011 5:10 AM

    As with part one, Outstanding Pictures!
    Linked to my blogs as well. So that the old war horses I associate with get to see them.


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