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July 28, 2011 / Jasmine Lee

US Air Force Thunderbird’s are in TOWN!

Today, I had the most AMAZING opportunity flying on a US Air Force KC-10 Tanker, all thanks to LtCol Robert Couse-Baker (Thank you, Bob!!) A group of us photographers got to take photos from the KC-10 tanker fueling the USAF Thunderbird’s! Wow! Wow! Wow!! This is just a sneak peak from today and I will blog about this super cool experience soon.

I am copying the info. from Bob’s flickr but THERE IS A FREE EXPO SHOW THIS WEEKEND AT TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE!!!

The free open house featuring the USAF Thunderbirds, Air Force Academy Wings of Blue Parachute Team and other exciting aerial and ground attractions. Admission is free. Gates open at 8:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday, July 30 and 31. See more information here.

I hope you guys can make it!! It’s going to be an AWESOME SHOW!!! Stay tuned for more photos soon!!!

July 12, 2011 / Jasmine Lee

Cincinnati Reds vs. San Francisco Giants, June 10, 2011 – A View from Three Perspectives

When I see the news headlines on the front page of, I often see sports photos displayed. I tend to click on the photos because the shallow depth of field draws my attention. Just looking at the professional sports photos always made me want to get great close up shots of the players. My “wish” came true when I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to watch the Cincinnati Reds vs. San Francisco’s Giants game on June 10th, 2011. Throughout the game, I got to sit in three breathtaking locations: 1) Three rows behind the opponent’s dugout at first base, 2) The Luxury Suite, and 3) Larry Baer seats.

I only brought two lenses with me and that was the 70-200 f/2.8, and 17-40 f/4 lens.

The first set of photos were from sitting at first base.

Unfortunately, this was the game where Freddy Sanchez, #21 injured his wrist when he dove for a ground ball during 5th inning. During this time I had JUST switched to my wide angle lens, so I missed the action… But I put back my zoom lens as the coaches escorted him off the field. Get well, Freddy!!!

This was my view from my seat when I stood up.

Sometime during the 6th inning, I made my way up to the Luxury Suite. The view was awesome, but it was hard to see the players from far away. It was my first time being so high up in a baseball game.

During the 8th inning, I made my way to Larry Baer’s seats which were right next to the Giant’s Dugout. Holler! I couldn’t believe how close I was to the players. I didn’t even have to zoom in at 200mm to get a close up shot. Actually, when shooting at home plate at 200mm, the feet on the players would get cut off. It was amazing how close the seats were to everything! I am truly fortunately to have sat where I was that night.

It was awesome to see Lou Seal up close. He even stopped to pose for me! He was down enough to take a photo with me. The security guard even offered to helped to take our photo since he saw me trying to take a “self portrait” with Lou Seal.

I don’t know if where I was sitting was a “bad” spot for Lou Seal because he jumped off the dugout and actually attempted to CROSS OVER my legs. I watch his big feet while he was trying to cross over my legs. While crossing, I saw his big ol’ feet trip on my feet, forcing him to fall on my lap. What a weirdo. I think at one point I heard the guy talking inside his mascot uniform, too, lol.

So even though Lou Seal was cool to pose and take a photo with me,  what I didn’t like was that he kept messing with me. While trying to snap a photo of Brian Wilson, he put his shirt in front of my lens, and these were the results:

Psssh…. That could have been a great shot. 😛 Anyhow, I did get my series of photos of Brian Wilson :).

The Giant’s scored a home run during the 9th inning that led to their winning of 3-2. Yay! Go Giants!! It was fun to watch the team as they raced their way across the field to celebrate.

I was so close to the interview with Nate Schierholtz that took place after the victory win. The following photo was taken at 70mm as they stood inside the dugout.

To end of the night, fireworks lit up the sky. It was a nice touch that the Giant’s won to feel the glory. All photos were taken without a tripod… So, how did I take fireworks without a tripod? Simple! Just balance the camera on a ledge and hold steady while pressing the shutter button!

Taking photos of fireworks is definitely meant to be taken with a tripod. But when you don’t have the source available, make use of your surroundings to GET the shots you want :).

I hope you enjoyed my long series of Giants photos. I know there was a TON, but I couldn’t help but share all of them because I was so lucky and fortunate to have watch the game from all three perspectives.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

July 7, 2011 / Jasmine Lee

Introducing… My Website!

I’m ecstatic to finally (what almost feels like FOREVER) to announce my official website, WWW.JASMINELEEPHOTOGRAPHY.COM!! You’ll find my portfolio and a link to my blog.

I’ve been extremely busy lately with putting the site together, shooting weddings and portraits, and editing. BUT, I’m enjoying every single moment of it. I’ve recently shot a Hindu Wedding this past weekend and I’ll be shooting another wedding this Saturday in Monterey. Should be good! I’ll be posting those photos in the upcoming weeks.

Please take the time to check out Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy! 🙂

June 29, 2011 / Jasmine Lee

[Wedding Blog] Lindy & Eric – May 28, 2011

I’m extremely excited to FINALLY post the wedding photos of my good friend Lindy and her husband, Eric! I was honored to attend as a guest which allowed me to relax and enjoy myself while I helped take photos from the side. Lindy and Eric tied the knot on May 28th at Lindy’s family owned vineyard, Wilson Vineyards  in Clarksburg, CA. The vineyard was absolutely beautiful and spacious! I knew this was going to be an awesome wedding. The weather was overcast which made for beautiful lighting. However, as the day progressed, the rain made an unexpected visit. The ceremony were to take place outdoors on a beautiful lawn with whispering trees, but plan B took place. The wedding ceremony was moved into the barn where Lindy and Eric said “I do.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how gorgeous Lindy looked!

Lindy was absolutely the most beautiful, timeless, classic bride I’ve ever seen!!

This is Lindy’s mother in-law, pinning a 109 year old pin on Lindy’s dress. It’s a family tradition on Eric’s side for all the brides to wear during their wedding. Now that’s a tradition!


This is the barn where both ceremony and reception took place. Definitely a unique and AWESOME setting!

While Lindy walked into the barn, her expression was priceless. You could tell she was filled with excitement and happiness.

This is one of my favorite photos of them holding hands during the ceremony :).

This cake was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!

A BIG congratulations to both Lindy and Eric! While watching you both tie the knot, I couldn’t help but feel so happy and excited for you both. I wish the two of you a life full of love, health, and happiness! 🙂 Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day! I hope to see little “muffins” someday ;).

June 18, 2011 / Jasmine Lee

[Wedding Blog] Will & Adora – May 21, 2011

I had the honor of shooting Will & Adora’s wedding with my friend Alex from RedSphere Studios. The wedding was incredibly gorgeous from start to finish; From getting ready in a beautiful home, to getting married in one of the most gorgeous churches in San Jose, to celebrating Will & Adora’s love at the Fairmont Hotel. I definitely had a blast capturing each moment during the wedding. Here are a few photos from Will & Adora’s special day :).

The ceremony was held at Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph. It was one of the most gorgeous churches I’ve ever been in!

While Alex covered the floor level of the church, I had the opportunity to shoot from the choir floor. It was definitely a nice point of view!

I seriously can’t get over how cute these little flower girls and ring bearers are!!! 😀

I love all the details that went into the cake.

The young lady in the purple was destined to catch the bouquet ;).

Congratulations Will & Adora! It was such an honor to be a part of your special day. 🙂

June 16, 2011 / Jasmine Lee

Sneak Peak- Will & Adora’s Wedding

A sneak peak from Will & Adora’s wedding back in May 2011. Stay tuned!

Church: Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, San Jose, CA

June 12, 2011 / Jasmine Lee

San Francisco Giants: Andrés Torres #56

I honestly could not WAIT another minute to post up this photo of Andres Torres. I went to the Giants game this past Friday night – Giants vs. Reds on June 10th, 2011. I’ve always dreamt of taking close up shots of ANY sports player. My dreams came true when I had the once in a lifetime opportunity sitting in Larry Baer’s seats!! Shot this at 200mm, I couldn’t be any happier with the results.

Blog to follow in a few weeks…